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Our house helper has been cooking bangus since about 8 o’clock this morning. It’s now 7:10 pm. She’s still frying and mom has now began wrapping all the yummy milkfish in cling wrap, ready to be given away with the rest of our presents for the kids. 

The fair is tomorrow, and while I am still busy getting all the last details together, my heart is bursting with excitement and love for the 100 children we will spend time with tomorrow.

We are far from ready to retire to bed. Things must yet be packed, wrapped, printed and cut. My head aches a little from all the second-hand cooking heat that fills the dining and kitchen area here at home (where I too have set up my workspace since the morning), but I keep daydreaming into tomorrow.

Another Buhay Makulay fair, not just another Saturday in my summer. Happy happy sigh. 

Now enjoy this throwback from the fair in 2008, when I came as the clown! Hahaha!   

Tanya Clown!

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